Customer Experience

KORE not only offer a good customer-experience service, but also focus on training
of customer experience from major brand

Through the eyes of the customer to see your brand

We customize training programs and taught by professional trainers – easy to be understood, practicable, effective and quantitative– by helping customer to analyze performance and research Market Demand. 

Through a series of Train the Trainer (TTT), we help our clients to build excellent trainers and managers with strong training ability and excellent management skill, as well as methods of doubling the enterprise sales.

Help benefit from the training course training and management can promote the frontline staff in daily work Retrieve and use performance multiplier method and skills.

Our training programs are intended to let your team members acquire professional, systematic and advanced knowledge. This make excellent customer experience be the powerful inner strength.

 Training structure

Course Highlights

In the training courses, the following two points run throughout the training courses: 

1. Current customer experience status quo within your brand

Customers’ touch points:

How do you interact with customers?

How do you promote the brand/ product?

How do your customers engage with each customer touch point within the store - from store environment to Visual Merchandising to sales associate?  

If budget allows, we always advise benchmarking with other competitor brands. 

2. Customer conversion rate,           Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score

Are you satisfied with the experience? (with what elements)

Will you recommend the brand, based on today’s experience?

How likely you will come back to this store?

Our steps/timeline:

 Training Chief Consultant

Fran Tang

Chief Consultant

First 2000 worldwide certified NPS advisor

20+ international brands CX project experience

Keynote speaker at 2nd Retail China Showcase 2014 Certificate of Achievement

Being awarded as a competent presenter (Shopper 
Experience) at the China's Retail 2013

Fran has more than 15 years of intensive working experience and exposure in Asia Pacific within marketing and Customer Experience Research. 

Her team focuses on customer satisfaction, sales conversion and customer loyalty using research tools such as voice of customer feedback, mystery shopping program and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) on customer loyalty.

Fran is extremely passionate about client success, and devotes her energy driving excellence for brands in the top categories.

Graduated from the National University of Singapore, Fran speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. 
She spends her time well across China, Singapore and the United States.

Who need to be trained?

Region Managers

Store Managers

Store Staffs

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KORE is positioned as:

Part of our client’s brand success – we participate in client growth as well as their internal stakeholder initiatives – such as trade show, work shop, internal communications on the program.

An innovative firm that leverages on advanced technology and our passion to continuously chances our client delivery.

KORE VALUE PROPOSITION: What makes KORE different?

Professional advice

Pre-start review and

Post-start on going monitor and feedback

Data Integrity

No subcontract to complex agencies to maximize quality

100% data check in lieu of 

random check on reports

Better Reporting & Action Plans

Better reporting to ensure audience really benefit from it, and understand the key areas to improve - from HQ to region to store level

Consistent commitment in 
collaboration; increase 
internal buy in among client’s 

Via multiple workshops/speech 

Of course,through consistent
quality delivery